Welcome to The Island of Skaftö!

Our hotel is right by first tee, and next to the quaint fishing village Fiskebäckskil on the beautiful island of Skaftö, near Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden, just over an hour’s drive if you’re heading north from Gothenburg (Göteborg). Flanked by pretty beaches and dramatic granite cliffs with spectacular views, this outdoorsy island offers kayaking, hiking, cycling and riding on scenic nature trails, alongside golf on a choice of two courses: a casual 9-hole Pay & Play and a destination 18-hole links course by Skaftö Golf club for more experienced golfers (reservations required).

Across the island’s five picturesque villages, you’ll also find lots of beautiful traditional Scandinavian architecture, a few interesting shops and some really good food.

Torp Köpcentrum (a sprawling mall with high street shops and a branch of IKEA) is 30-40 minutes away, depending on whether you go by car or bus, while the local ferry crosses the Gullmaren Fjord to Lysekil in less than 15 minutes. Although best known as a summer destination, this neighbouring town maintains a decent restaurant scene year-round and is also home to Havets Hus, a famous aquarium showcasing local aquatic Life.

Tourists from all over Sweden spend their entire summer holiday on our island. If you’re a bit more pressed for time, we recommend a night or two at our hotel, where every room has its own story.

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